Faith Based Financial Planning For Christians

Bring your faith and finances together on one path.

Why TekWise ?

Steward your God given wealth using biblical principles. Partner with investment companies that fight against Woke companies.

Invest in alignment with your values by meticulously screened investments. Unlike other advisors, I prioritize ethical investment strategies, ensuring your money reflects your convictions.

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Meet Evan

Evan, a father of four in Castle Rock, Colorado, with over a decade of financial services experience, is on a mission. He aims to establish the premier financial planning firm for the Christian community, helping clients align their investments with their values to create positive change.

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We help Christians and those who minister to Christians build wealth so that they can continue to minister and fulfill their God given calling by creating financial plans unique to their situations.

I partner with any Christians including:



Christian Non-profit organizers

Pro-Life organizers

Christian Professors

When you work with Tekwise, we build a tailored portfolio that screens out morally objectionable companies that profit from Pornography, Abortion, and other morally questionable industries. We align our financial plans with wisdom from the Bible to build wealth in a Godly way.

We start with a free Moral Audit on your existing portfolio. Then we discuss over zoom what are the major goals that you are looking to accomplish. Once I have an understanding of your situation, we will create a recommendation. If you like the recommendation, then we can work together. If you don’t, we part as friends.

Yes, as a Registered Investment Advisor Firm, we are a Fiduciary. We are required to do what is in the best interest of the client and resolve any conflicts of interest in the client’s favor.

The 7 Money mistakes Christians make.

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