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Not just a financial advisor, learn more about CEO Evan Frazier.

A Decade Of Financial Expertise

Evan is a father of 4.  He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and loves to hike and camp with his family.  He has been in the financial services industry for over a decade.  He specializes in working with Biblically Responsible investing.  He decided after working for large corporations that pushed products, he could better serve his clients by becoming an Independent Advisor. 

Growing up I wanted to make an impact on the world for good. I first started out studying psychology because I wanted to help couples. I had read a statistic that the majority of divorces were due to fights about money. As I progressed, I realized that talk therapy wasn’t going to be the best way I could help. I started looking for other way to help. I decided that the best prevention for these divorces is to help them manage their money, so they don’t have money fights. This kick started my career in helping people with their finances.

The 7 Money mistakes Christians make.

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